Hydraulic oil No.32 ,No. 46 and No. 68 have their own advantages and different viscosities. Due to different application scenarios, the required hydraulic oil viscosity is also different, which also have many different types of hydraulic oil, different grade and the common ones are #32 hydraulic oil #46 and #68 hydraulic oil. The difference is: the viscosity is different. In layman’s terms, No. 32 is thinner, No. 46 is medium and No. 68 is thicker. Generally speaking, if the temperature is low in winter, use #32 & #46 hydraulic oil with a lower viscosity, and use #68 hydraulic oil with a higher viscosity in summer. Special conditions are treated specially.

it is 3 main things to choosing the right hydraulic oil

1)Multigrade or monograde

2) Antiwear or non antiwear

3) Detergent or non detergent

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