Metalworking Fluids

We have full range of Metalworking Fluids to meet your requirements.

We will do the free trial, yes you are right, absolutely free trial and we will be hand on during the trial to ensure proper replacement and correct coolant concentrated and etc.

  • NEOs Finecut CFS-95A
  • NEOs Finecuts ASEAN 100plus
  • NEOs Finecut ASEAN 500plus
  • NEOs Finecut R-5000H
  • Daphne Cut HL 25
  • Daphne Magplus AM30 Neat Cutting Oil
  • Daphne Magplus SLA Neat Cutting Oil
  • Dpahne Alpha Cool Ex-1
  • Daphne Milcool XL

We understand your needs in challenging operating conditions!