The difference between Mineral engine oil, semi synthetic engine oil and Fully Synthetic engine oil is one of the most popular topic to discuss, hereby we will share the information to increase everyone knowledge and more understanding between these difference in the simple and easy way.

What is Mineral Oil?
Mineral Oil produced by Group 1 or Group 2 base oils (Depend on the base oils using by the lubricants maker)
Group 1 base oils are solvent-refined, which is a simpler refining process. Sulphur content >0.03%. Viscosity Index 80 to 120.
Group 2 base oils, they are often manufactured by hydrotreated, which Is means the process is more complex than Group I base oils. Sulphur content <0.03%. Viscosity Index 80 to 120

What is Semi Synthetic Engine Oil?
Semi Synthetic Oil are mixture of mineral Oil and Synthetic Oil, with no more than 30% synthetic oil.
Semi Synthetic Oil are often produced by Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3 base oil to reach the standard.
Group III base oil is mineral refining by Hydrocracked with chemical treatment. Sulphur Content <0.03%. Viscosity Index more than 120

What is 100% Fully Synthetic Technology Engine Oil?
100% Fully Synthetic Technology produced by mineral refining without chemical treatment: molecule conversion (Group 3 base oil)

What is 100% Fully Synthetic Engine Oil?
100% Fully Synthetic Oil made of PAO oils (Polyalphaolefin) which using 100% synthetic molecules (Group 4 & Group 5 base oil). Polyalphaolefin base oils are much stable in extreme temperatures, more suitable for use in very cold weather (northern Europe) as well as very hot weather (as in Middle East)

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